Gaggia Orione low shot volume and lack of crema

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#1: Post by StevenG91 »

Hi folks,

Just wondering if anyone has experience with the Orione. Im getting low shot volumes and rather thin shots lacking in crema any ideas?

Team HB

#2: Post by JRising »

If the volume of the cylinder is being filled, your barista will hear and feel it if they're used to the machine. If that same volume isn't being pressed through the coffee-prep and dispensing, then almost certainly the piston needs to be rebuilt so that it isn't slipping past the water.

If, on the other hand, the cylinder is only partly filling with liquid and your piston is burning the grounds passing steam through, then there's a leakage in the dipper letting steam sneak in so that it isn't drawing up the water.

Note: This answer is based on OTHER lever machines. I have never touched an Orione, but it's not like the heads are different.