Gaggia Orione gas operating pressure?

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#1: Post by Zedd »

A 1967 Gaggia Orione 2 group lever.
All the original gas side is in situ. Wanting to confirm the operating gas pressure for use with propane. The machine has come from Italy and is pre the current requirement of such data tag info? at least doesn't have it. I'm assuming it's 37mb. ???


#2: Post by Davi-L »

if the machine ran on propane originally, then you just have to set up the gas pressure.
If it ran on natural gas, you'll have to replace the burner orfices with the correct diameter models.
A skilled heating / burner mechanic can help you set it up. They have the tools and know how.
Just don't ask for a guarantee of operation.
And don't operate the machine inside unless you have plenty of ventilation.