Gaggia Internazionale 1 group restoration

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#1: Post by zeb »

Hi all,

I won't have time to cross post on two forums at the same time but I believe some here could be interested to follow the restoration of my Gaggia Internazionale. I'll try to come here time to time to give some news but any can follow the job on the French forum "espresso" at :




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#2: Post by dmccallum »

Hi Pascal
Lucky you! Well lucky both of us really. As you say, two Inters at the same time.
Will follow with interest..

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#3: Post by TomC »

Congratulations on the score!

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#4: Post by cuppajoe »

That does it. Got my passport, just need a plane ticket.

Considering how long it's been knocking around, doesn't look to be in too bad of shape. If you don't mind, is there a story behind its acquisition? Can't wait to see it in all its glory.
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#5: Post by Sansibar99 »

cuppajoe wrote: If you don't mind, is there a story behind it's acquisition? Can't wait to see it in all its glory.
I wonder if we should call this thread

Gaggia found in a barn


this made me register on your forum - and it might encourage me to finally learn your wonderful language ;-)

Congratulations & Thank you for sharing!

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#6: Post by zeb »

Many thanks !

Cuppajoe, nothing special about the machine, it was bought in 50's by its only owner to work in a bar. When he retired he kept it in his garage because he found it beautiful and when he died his widow sold it. That's all !

Holger, don't hesitate to ask some questions in English if you need something ;)


#7: Post by Seacoffee »

Zeb, I have the exact same machine which I also found in France. Only very slowly restoring when I have time.

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#8: Post by zeb »

I remember when you bought it Seacoffee, one can't forget a machine like this easily :D

A quick post here for your pleasure (I hope). I got rid of all the broken rusty screws remaining on the boiler, it was not easy but it's over.


Something like that only happens to me, I must be the only owner of Internazionale with a crossing-out on the serial number :shock:


You are all cordially invited to follow more complete work on the French forum over there ;)



#9: Post by Seacoffee »

Yes indeed, very very special machines hard to forget. thanks zeb.

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#10: Post by Mouldy »

Bonjour Zeb,

Great job you're doing. I have read your thread on the French forum.....c'est génial!

I am about to delve into removing some seized bolts from the boiler of my Lambro. I am interested in your technique for removal of your boiler bolts. From what I could understand with my very limited French, you induce a thermal shock by heating to red hot, then applying some sort of penetrant?
What is the process after that?