Gaggia group frankenlever, few questions.

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As a Christmas gift to myself I bought an old Gaggia GX (I guess) group off of Ebay, which I plan to build into a machine to replace my pre-millenium Europiccola. Pictures:
Now, the problem is, what kind of a boiler can I use in absence of the original thing?
I have at my disposal 2 HX boilers and a smaller (1,8 liter) brew boiler, all cannibalised from other machines, the problem being that none of the aforementioned boilers have a flange to fit a Gaggia group. Do I Ignore this fact and simply connect dipper tube to boiler or do I have to adapt a boiler with a flange to fit the group?

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If you look at the open source lever threads you will see some options. Basically, you can mount the group to a plate heated by cartridge heaters and feed the group from any boiler through a fitting attached to the group head's dipper tube inlet.

I think this method gives some advantages and it is similar to what the Strega does.
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Here are the boiler candidates:

I think option 1 is more likely as I think a heat exchanger would complicate things.


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I managed to unscrew the top.
The spring seems in good condition and the over all condition of the group is OK, however, I can't remove the gasket stack - It simply won't move. How do I proceed?
I tried using penetrating oil but I dont think there is rust. Seems like the brass cylinder is fused with the gasket, and the gasket themselves have become petrified over the years.