Gaggia Gilda final repairs inquiry

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Hi Everyone,

I hope that everyone's family is still doing well in this Corona second wave. My family here is still doing fine. We keep busy cooking and baking. I am retired culinary and love making fine espresso.

I am finishing the repairs to my 1953 version 1.1 Gilda. She worked o.k., but the safety valve was stuck in place by hard water and didn't work. I have two friends, Jeff and Chuck, who are very experienced machinists with their own shop. They took the top cap off and carefully freed the small valve. They need the "spanner socket" to remove the threaded brass valve holder from the top cap. The seal beneath the holder has deteriorated by age, too. I am going to carefully clean all of the safety valve parts and top cap threads, when the holder is removed. My friends will then reassemble Gilda with new seals. I'll feel safer to make espresso with the fixed valve.

Does anyone have a spare socket that I can purchase? Is this a custom metric socket? What is its size in mm? Do you have a drawing with measurements, if they have to make it? I emailed Francesco earlier this week and haven't heard back. I hope that he is o.k.
A professional restorer did outstanding restoration on her. He unfortunately didn't know a machinist to do this repair. I have known my machinist friends for many years, and trust them.

The infusion tube has some metal (1/16") eaten away from the bottom and the dispersion screen is missing. My machinist friends are going to make a stainless steel ring, to fit inside the infusion tube. This will "fix" the missing metal. A Gaggia Baby 58mm filter basket will be cut, to make a new screen. My machinist friends want to epoxy the screen to the ring. The ring will then be epoxied inside the infusion tube. They can't weld, or solder the ring inside.

Does anyone know of a NSF certified "food safe" epoxy that can be used in this potable (drinking) water application? Please let me know, with online ordering information.

Thanks and best health to your family,

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Can't answer any of your questions but have you contacted OrphanEspresso? From reading, they used to sell parts for this and also did an article on the 1948 model. While they may not have parts anymore, they may be able to help you with information you need. Doug has been helpful to me in the past, so I'm sure he may answer any questions you have. Hopefully he's still around.

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If you post photos, that could help.

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BaristoStefano (original poster)

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Hi Nahau,

Thank You for the Orphan Espresso contact idea. I'll try them. I'm interested in the 1948 Gaggia Classica too, for old machine history.
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You're welcome. If anyone can help with your machine it should be OE. Hmmm, weird... pm should be working fine as I'm getting them from other people.

Here's the OE writeup of the 1948 version... ... 616-1.html

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If it is what its name implies, have them just cut down a socket of the correct size and weld a handle to it. Or maybe just a flarenut clawfoot wrench:
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