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Hi All,

My first post so bear with me here. I'm also not that technical and might not know the right terminology. :wink:

My Gaggia Espresso Color was leaking so after loads of troubleshooting I took it apart. The problem is that what I perceive to be a pressure valve split in half. See pic. I need to replace this part but can't find it anywhere. I might also have to replace the little metallic binding ring around the reddish tube.

Anyone knows where I could find that? It's apparently not produced anymore...

Thanks all and wish you a great day!

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the metallic rings are standard items used extensively in the automotive world but an easier to use alternative (as you will not need to buy the special pliers to put them on) are hose clamps that you tighten with a screwdriver (or similar).
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If that T shaped one is truly unavailable, you might be able to find the Saeco F shaped one somewhere in EU. ... -for-pump/

The clamp is a 9.5mm Oetiker clamp. That is available anywhere, but if you want the Saeco part number:
996530007742: Oetiker Clamp, 9.5mm. Replaces 996530007947