Gaggia Classic Pro not working

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#1: Post by avaco »

Hi, I just got a new Gaggia Classic Pro yesterday, it worked fine, I pulled 4 shots throughout the day. But today is no longer working. I know a bit of electronics. Pop the top checked the power and it's got (120v) fine. And checked the buttons for continuity when they are on, and are fine. Also checked the thermal fuse, no problem there.

The power button light goes on, when I switch it, but the other two, won't turn on. I have waited more than 45 min.

Tried to pull a shot pressing the brew button and nothing, no sound from the pump, no light, nothing.
Same thing with the steam, won't turn on and if I turn the know nothing happens.

Checked that it has water and both hoses are in. So I'm wondering if it could be something simple, a loose cable or something I am not seeing or should I return it.


#2: Post by JRising »

It certainly sounds to me like the thermal fuse is blown, but if it's a new machine and you're sure you're not doing something wrong, return it.
Even if it is just the thermal fuse, why should you have to pay for it on a machine that's under warranty?