Gaggia Classic descale question

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#1: Post by Seadog »

Been meaning to ask about this for years. Since I'm in the middle of descaling at this moment, thought I'd ask....

I do not use the wand. The gaggia descale instructions are to run the solution through the wand.
Why not just through the group head? Why not maybe a little through the wand "just in case" and concentrate on the group head instead.

Just wondering....

Team HB

#2: Post by JRising »

1: Better to keep things moving through the easy path, perhaps, and not risk clogging the brew valve. That's possibly their thinking.
2: The water isn't evaporating into steam at a sudden pressure drop when moving along through the brew circuit, so probably depositing a lot more in the steam valve and swivel.

I would put some through the brew head, too, though. I gotta agree with you.