Futurmat Milady restoration

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Postby Futurmat82 » Oct 31, 2010, 3:11 pm

I'm restoring/modifying a Futurmat Milady.

It's a 4 liter boiler, E61 HX , rotary vane pump, rather compact automatic machine from 1993. I recieved the machine in working order, but not very clean on the inside. I dissasembled the machine entirely:

- Had it powdercoated;
- Descaled all the plumbling;
- Redid all the wiring;
- Replaced the vibratory pump with a magnetically coupled rotary vane pump;
- Installed a CAL 9300 PID

Futurmat Milady

Installing the flowmeter in a different position as to where it was before, I also had to elongate the wiring going to it from the brainbox. I accidentally reversed 2 of the 3 wires (probably the '+' and the '-',) in elongating them, making the flowmeter not work: the programmed switches now function as 'continuously on'.

Gicar flowmeter

Switching back those to wires, however, did not solve the problem... I read on http://www.espresso-restorations.com that a flowmeter can be tested by measuring the resistance between the '+' and the 'o', and that the resistance should be 2.2K Ohms: this checks out. I read somewhere else that the current between the '+' and the '-' should be 12 Volts DC: this checks out. Furthermore, I read that the current between the 'o' and the '-' should be 5 Volts DC: in my machine, this measures 12 Volts DC.

The flowmeter, appearantly, was installed by someone, somewhere in the life of the machine and not at the factory, because the wires going to the flowmeter have been soldered onto the brainbox print rather amateuristically.

Brainbox wiring

Could I have blown the flowmeter, or the part of the brainbox which controls it? Can anyone tell me which wires I should have on which terminals on the flowmeter?

I would appreciate your input.

Thanks for reading,

Elwin (The Netherlands)

Posts: 5
Joined: Sep 26, 2010, 9:41 am

Postby Futurmat82 » Nov 03, 2010, 6:36 am

Is it possible to fry a flowmeter by hooking it up wrong? Of is there a better chance of frying the circuit board?

I've tried all 6 possible ways of hooking up the flowmeter, but it doesn't work anymore.

Kind regards,

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