Full wiring diagram for Isomac Zaffiro

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I'm in the fortunate situation that I managed to get a used Zaffiro for free (probably around 5 years old).

The not-so-fortunate thing is that it's been taken apart and a number of wires and one of the tubes were cut as the previous owner thought that it was the reason for his breakers tripping at home (turns out it was his house wiring). I'm still not sure how the tube with the filtery thing at the end ended up being one of the suspects for tripping breakers and how cutting off the end would in any way help fix that problem but I digress....

Replacing the tubes seems straight forward and so does putting the wiring back together but it of course means that I need to know which wires go where.

Does anyone have a *proper* repair manual for this unit? Google has revealed a home-made wiring diagram and a parts diagram but a proper repair manual to ensure that everything is rebuilt properly would increase my chances of success when it comes to breathing life into this bad boy.

Also, since everything is taken apart anyway, is there anything I should replace while I'm at it apart from the water tubes? There's this sticky white compound all over as a consequence of the thermometer/pressure device being removed from the boiler so getting a new tube of that seems like an obvious thing to do too.

I have tried writing to isomac directly, but emails to them just bounce.

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If it is as simple as this:
just wire it up.

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Nice wiring, much better then the hand one for Isomac back in the days,
the white is most likely the thermal paste,
in regards of internal pipes and such we might have some odd and ends in our "cemetery" area
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For the thermal paste, I understand it's food grade but this presumably doesn't come in actual contact with the water, so any thermal grease should in theory do, no?

I see on espressocare.com that you have a lot of parts although I couldn't find any silicone tubes. Would any do?

Lastly, judging from https://www.espressocare.com/schematics/isomac-zaffiro it looks like I may be missing other parts too such as the tank switch but I guess that means simply going through each item and verifying that I have them. Does anybody by chance have a lot of photos of the internals by chance?