Fracino Little Gem - filling issues

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Here's one for the Forum to try and solve.

I have a Fracino Little Gem espresso machine. Manual fill, electronic pad shot control, E61 head, warning lights for internal water tank empty and boiler filling.

In the morning when you turn it on from cold, the lights on the electronic pad all light up for a couple of seconds, then you often get the pump running as the boiler fills to the correct level, then the boiler element starts and hey presto all is well.

For a couple of mornings- the strangest thing has happened - the lights on the electronic pad all light up as usual, then the pump starts - but the left hand light on the control pad stays lit and water starts coming out of the group head?

I switch it off and back on - and you get the usual start up - all the lights on the control pad briefly come on for a couple of seconds, then you hear the click of the solenoid as the heating element starts and all is fine?

I cannot recreate this fault when the boiler is hot - it only happens in the morning when the machine starts from cold?

This has me really puzzled - wondering whether I have a solenoid stuck somewhere that is allowing water to pass through the group head when the boiler is filling?

Any thoughts much appreciated.