Found an old Gaggia OWC. Realized parts are missing later. Is it still usable?

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Good afternoon,

I love espresso but have never owned a machine. Figured I'd try buying a used one for starters before buying a new one. I found this Gaggia OWC for $50, and didn't realize until bringing it home that it seems to be missing the steel tube on the left hand side. Could anyone share any insight on this? Is it still usable? I don't want to hurt the machine (or myself!)

Here's what I could find as far as manual/parts are concerned: ... gia-Coffee

Thank you so much.

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I'm not sure if this machine has a 3 way solenoid or not, but I'm fairly sure that it's an exhaust tube, from the pump, to release water into the drip tray.
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#3: Post by Pressino »

I think that's seems to be the tube labelled #44 in the parts schematic...the solenoid outlet tubing. :)


#4: Post by Giampiero »

In the second photo of this thread is confirmed that it's the drain pipe from the 3 way valve.
Restoring a Gaggia OWC stored 20+ years: Still struggling


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The User Manual you found at WLL is for a different machine altogether. Right, they are both called Gaggia Coffee, but the similarities pretty much end there. The OWC had/has a 3-way solenoid and an adjustable OPV. The Coffee has neither. The OWC was one of the earliest iterations of Gaggia's home espresso machines, and it parented two machines: The New Coffee (without those items I mentioned), the Classic (with them), and the OWC round top boiler didn't make it into either one. Here are two pictures of the OWC boiler; tthe adjustable OPV at left and the solenoid (blue) at the right.

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Just when I thought we'd seen the last OWC question! ;) Susan, good to see you're still lurking here.

Great advice above, especially the link to the earlier thread.

Please keep us posted, and let us know if you have more questions.


ak14 (original poster)

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Thanks so much for the replies! The pump was dry but I was able to prime it, and it at first seemed to be off and running. Then this happened:
Is it a leaky boiler? Lines seem to be secure as there's water suspended in them..

Edit: I should add that I first tried it with the middle switch in the espresso position, then again in the steam position (with the wand knob opened up). Both times, waterfall out the front.

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Oh, my! You weren't kidding about the waterfall!

Did you look inside to see where it was coming from?



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That water doesn't look to be coming through the boiler. It looks like it's coming around the boiler.
Is it hot?
What JR said: take the cover off and look under the hood while you push those buttons again. Have an umbrella handy.


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Perhaps the water is from that solenoid discharge, which should have been connected to the tube which seems to have been missing from the photo posted at the beginning of this thread...