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Wanted to share this rig to anyone with a hand grinder as it makes my hand grinding much more enjoyable, enabling grinding with one hand (saw someone asking that question) and cutting the harder half of the labor. It costs ~$93:

1. 1 table clamp
Or ... la=1&gao=1& (~$30)

2. 2 2 in. tube clamps: ... -Inch.html
Or ... ended=true (~$30)

3. 2 knurled knobs, 1/4-20", 1" dia. X 2: ... ended=true (~$15)

4. 2 thump nuts, 1" ... SwhBFk19FX (~$8)

5. Full grain leather (~$10)

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#2: Post by Ken5 »

Very nice, looks great!! Very attractive setup! Did you hand stitch the leather?

I have a Kinu and I was thinking of doing something like this with things setup to grind directly into the basket, have you tried setting it up right above a basket? Though... with those large burrs I gather you would need a large funnel??

How do you remove the cup by the way, do you have to unscrew the clamps each time?

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Yes, I hand stitched the leather. Removing the whole grinder out is pretty easy. The cup is magnetically attached and can be removed easily too. It fits the portafilter well. I don't really want grinding directly to portafilter as it complicates things unnecessarily for me.

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#4: Post by Chert »

My clamped Pharos requires very stable furniture and nothing breakable to shake off while I turn that aggressive titan burr grinder. I have never attached the Pharos to a counter which would probably be the best way to avoid shaking while grinding.

To what is the clamp setup attached? Does your design afford stable grinding without rattling your machine and stuff?
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It's clamped to my coffee table, which is fairly stable with that 2 in thick top and a bunch of coffee stuff on, many of them heavy.