First project refurb - Grimac Mini La Uno

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So I have gotten hold of an old Grimac Mini/La Uno which needs repair and refurbishment.

I was told it just needs a new element. However on opening it up I can see a lot of corrosion on the boiler.

Here are some pics

I'm looking to refurbish this myself and my list of fixes are as follows:

- Remove and clean boiler including all copper pipes
- Replace all seals in boiler and group head
- Replace element
- Disassemble and clean group head
- Clean rust off chassis and divider
- Clean and polish all stainless steel

Possible mods
- Install La Cimballi steam wand in place of stock (I saw someone on here this)
- Install rotary pump if possible

Testing the element with a multimeter found no continuity to ground. But plugging the machine in blew the safety switch on my mains circuit. Hoping a new element will fix this.

Any advice on where to source parts is welcome.


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I hope you'll simply post photos right into this thread. Your link doesn't work, plus, it's just so much easier for readers to follow along.

When you have the typing box open, look below it, and you'll see a tab on the lower left area that says "Images." Click on this tab and use it to upload directly off your computer. Once the page is showing that you've uploaded a photo, click the cursor where you want the photo to appear in the typing box, and then go back down to that photo upload area, and click the "place inline" tab. That'll put the photo where your cursor had clicked in the typing box.

Rumble (original poster)

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Updated my post with pics.

I added the link to Imgur as I thought I may not have enough posts to upload.


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Excellent, thank you!! Really is a nice looking machine. Looks like the vacuum valve has been leaking for a long time, hence all the green corrosion everywhere around it. Easily replaced, but you can also remove just that top nut and the pintle, clean them, replace the o-rings, and have it working again.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the project progresses. I'm a huge fan of these "old" and very bulletproof machines.

Rumble (original poster)

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Thanks for the tip regarding the vacuum valve. I'm hoping replacing all the seals and o-rings sorts it out. Doesn't look like there's any water damage to the brain or electrical components.

Will def post pics and notes as I go down the rabbit hole. After this I have a Ranciilo Lucy I rescued from the side of the road to restore.


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This should be what that vac valve looks like. There's a black o-ring at the base of that pintle, and the red o-ring lives under the hex shaped top "cap." The top cap doesn't need to be tightened too much, or the o-ring will squish inward, and cause the pintle to hang up. So you can just hand tighten it, or barely use a wrench, and with the machine turned off, make sure the pintle can freely be pulled up fully, and if let go, will drop freely back down again: