Finding the right replacement heating element for La Pavoni Europiccola

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I've been lurking here for a while and it's been a great wealth of information, so hoping I can get some help. I think I may have sadly burned the heating element of my Europiccola. Does that little bump look like a busted heating element to you all as well? If so, what should I be looking at for a replacement?


While one set of poles reads ~60Ohms, the other set reads ~9kOhms.

I tried removing the heating element but I'm a little confused. There's a collar/guard on it, and I haven't seen much info on heating elements like this. Is there a particular dual heating element I should be looking for? And do I need adapters and new bolts to make it fit?

eg something like this ... -4041.aspx and ... -2156.aspx

Or should I be trying to get a two prong and installing a pressure stat?



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I haven't seen a HE with a collar like that before, but it should not matter for the replacement. The heating element seals against the lip of the boiler. TNew bolts are always a good Idea. The HE you posted the link to should work, same bolt pattern. If you want a 2 prong HE you will need a pressurestat, PS tube and to rewire the machine. The new SS HE also has a bolt to mount a resettable thermofuse, I would advise to install one, it will require minimal rewiring.


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thanks! yeah, i ended up buying a SS HE. Didn't seem to make much sense to get a 2 prong, and seems like a bit of a downgrade heh.

and yep, was confused as well when i pulled it out and saw the collar. only other search i could find with a collar was this La Pavoni Pro Element Short- odd collar/shield on element