Failing OPV or Something Else?

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#1: Post by goalerjones »

Quickmill Vetrano 2B Evo.

About a month ago, my Vetrano 2b started having a new noise. Here is a video with the back and sides removed to observe operations once I noticed a "hissing" sound coming from the internals.
It looks like water making its way into the tubing connected to part # C111P the OPV.

Here is the question:
Is it just the seal failing and can I replace the internal seal? Or do I need to replace the whole piece?

Or is there another possible issue to look for?

No temp fluctuations, no leaks anywhere else that I have seen (no puddles in the bottom of the machine). And the machine cycles more now to refill than before.

I seem to have isolated it to the use of the steam boiler, since turning that off and allowing the brew boiler to remain on makes the sound go away.

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#2: Post by JohnB. »

Your video link didn't work for me. Are you sure it isn't the vacuum valve hissing?


#3: Post by goalerjones »

sorry the link doesn't work, the sound is more of a percolating sounds TBH, but it is new over the last month or so. It's causing the steam boiler to cycle more often than usual so I believe it's not just a normal event. Also since it goes away once I turn off the steam boiler it seems they are linked.


#4: Post by Jeff »

Based on that verbal description, it sounds like the vacuum breaker. It's supposed to open the boiler to room pressure when cool, but seal up as the boiler starts to boil. They often gurgle or rattle just as they're sealing up. A leaky one would slowly vent steam into the unit, sometimes down a tube, sometimes without.


#5: Post by JRising »

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the skinny side of that dual valve should be the vacuum breaker valve. The larger diameter is the safety valve (That one might refer to as an OPV). And the fact that there's liquid water visible in the hose makes me think that your boiler is over-filling in addition to the possible leakage over the vacuum breaker valve. So check your boiler-fill probe, see if it might be the cause of a boiler-over-fill issue.
Yes, you can replace the o-ring in that valve, and clean the teflon disk. Once the valve body is out of the machine work over a tea-towel when unscrewing that valve so that the spring can't roll far when it escapes, you'll see what I mean. I suggest NOT taking apart the safety valve side of it if you have no reason to.