Faema President Restoration

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I want to start thanking this amazing page! all people that contribute to this community!.

I read and learn a lot in the proccess of restoring this beautiful Faema presindent 2nd generation.

I found this Machine en Facebook market place in my hometown in Venezuela on Jan 10th 2022, i live in Mexico but i go to home town every 3 months, i contacted the owner on 14 days before leaving so i had to take fast decision to buy it or not. ... He said that was in working condition, only vapor wand was broken. Price was really really cheap.... you would not believe the price!. i decide to purchase the machine and start desensambling as fast as possible.

After pick it up, i started desensambling the machine. i was my first experience on coffee machines... but i had restored motorcycles, guitars, guitar amps..... So i have a lot of tools. since return to mexico was scheduled on 14 days i move quit and did as much as possible. The idea was to check what was needed and buy it.

so this was the condition of the machine.

Side view. Chrome in bad shape.

You can see spring corroded, piston really dirty... .seals not broken but need replacement.

A lot of scratches on face plate.

Chassis corroded.

Vintage stickers from Maintenance technician. I want to call that machine " CIRO" since it have 3 different stickers from him ( different years and design)

Here we can see Lever Handle are different. it looks like 1 is original and the other is zodiaco from 70s.

inside boiler. It was really hard to remove bolts. at the end i have to replace 2 rings.

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Looks good so far. Without video proof or demonstration of a machine in 'working condition' or 'works perfectly' I roll my eyes at those comments on the listing :roll: .

There are lots of resources around here and I am sure people will answer specific questions as you progress.
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Beautiful machine! I'm glad you found it, and I'm looking forward to seeing your progress. Thank you for taking all the good pictures.

Chinoagreda (original poster)

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HI IamOiman, i would like to thank you for your post!. those are very useful and help me thru restoration process!. Thanks so much!

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thanks Austinado16. i will be posting all restoration process.thanks

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after dismantling all machine, only few " metal" parts needed to be replaced. ( assuming i expect to replace all rubber seals.

Faema retention valve body. Thread damaged when removing.


Welding Caps and 1/2 fittings.

Aluminum rings. 2 rings broken when removing bolts. ( common failure as seen on many post here) also decided to install vacuum breaker and relief valve.

all those parts i got them from Brooks espresso machines. on that time was only place online that have available Retention valve body so i got all those pieces from them. Also price was good.

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after received first lot of parts and tools, i started repairing thread damaged and cleaning all parts. i Got a ultrasonic cleaner.

Here pictures Cleaning the thread.

Ultrasonic cleaner in action

Here chassis already sandblasted and powder coated.

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What size is the tap? I presumed it was 3/8 BSPP but I have never checked.
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HI IamOiman. i use M16 1.25mm.

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