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#1: Post by trolker »

Hi, I have a president 1gr, arrived with stolen back panel. Fck!. I need some help to find another or how can I make one or sticker. Thank you very much

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#2: Post by Marcelnl »

The stickers can likely be found on ebay, the glass is something else...
Do you have pictures of how it was before it was stolen (or plain shattered and removed)?
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trolker (original poster)

#3: Post by trolker (original poster) »

Yes, this is the pic of before shipping. Thank you

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#4: Post by Marcelnl »

So the backpanel was already gone BEFORE you bought it?
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#5: Post by NicoNYC »

Brooks espresso in the Netherlands carries replacement glass panels (I think they are modern reproductions, but undoubtedly good quality).

Also, it's pretty trivial to get a design direct-printed to clear acrylic (second surface, meaning visible through the acrylic), any commercial printer that does a lot of store displays and the like should be capable of it. But that would require preparing a good digital reproduction, you'd probably have to borrow a back panel first.
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trolker (original poster)

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Thank you . Im going to ask Brooks


#7: Post by kitt »

This may also help if you have to get one made;

Decals for Faema President lever espresso machine

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#8: Post by trolker (original poster) »

I bought it with panel and arrived without it.

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#9: Post by drgary » replying to trolker »

And there's no responsibility for the shipment company or the seller?

By the way, I see that you posted the photo of the stolen back panel on FaceBook. Here is a screen capture.

You may be able to post it with better resolution here, where it could be identified through imperfections.

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#10: Post by trolker (original poster) »

Yes , is the only pic i have of it. Seller send it to me. I'm really not sure he shipped machine with it at the moment. Now i need to make one.