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I just got a Faema E61 Jubilee to rebuild as a project for myself

I would like to find a parts supplier to get all gaskets and o-rings , also need any input on a new "mushroom" for the group head
I have heard of available mods for the e61 group head and your opinions if you have tried them

Thanks so I much look forward to learning this new to me machine


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You can buy from Cimbali. Or contact any Faema retailer in your area.
Unless they've gone downhill rapidly in the last 4 years, Faema Distributors stay well stocked with parts for the commercial machines.

For a replacement mushroom, there are always lots of "non-functioning parts machine" quality E61 machines available on the market for very little. I don't think the mushrooms are likely to be damaged. (Except for Rocket and other manufacturers with plastic/ceramic mushrooms in a machine, how is the mushroom going to get damaged?)

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I have not pulled it apart yet but read that the " mushroom " takes the brunt of the corrosion and in videos people have replaced them

Any online parts suppliers you recommend ?

Thank you


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Hi moreshots :) I also wondered about such things many years back and Home-Barista offers great resources to locate fantastic suppliers for anything coffee. At the top there is a link to "RESOURCES" that has many excellent Home-Barista sponsors that have incredible equipment/part resources. These companies are the best in the espresso/coffee world, with some specializing in specific types of machines (grinders, espresso machines etc.). Often one of these amazing companies can be found nearby a person's location :)
If you would like to attempt to rehabilitate your Mushroom valve and other components inside your E61 (named after the total solar Eclipse of 1961), you might need some Citric Acid powder (available from any Brew/Wine making supply shop usually for about 10 bucks/euros/pounds for a 1kg/2lb bag). Here's a link to check out an example of cleaning up a Mushroom that had experienced some advanced mineral scale buildup. . .
Brass chromed finish flaking on E61 mushroom, should I remove the remaining plating?

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I appreciate the list