Faema E61 complete restoration

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a few days ago I acquired this piece of history and immediately began a complete restoration.
Where can I order the metal flanges for the water heater and the teflon gasket. I found a few sites online, but if you could direct me to a place where you have already ordered from and their stuff fits our machines.
I also need to rebuild the gas valve, where can I get parts for that?


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great project and great space to do it

GastroParts in Polska has been really helpful to us .. they have a good list of stuff
maybe site might be worth a look

Jaśmina Firkowska
Export department of' emailed us about some parts we were looking for .. much better price than we get in Australia too


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I found the parts I needed, through a service here in Bulgaria, they order directly from the manufacturer LF and Nuova Ricambi.
Unfortunately we are unable to find parts for my gas valve model. I will upload it in pictures below.

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Here are more detailed photos of the disassembly. The machine was obviously recently serviced because all the copper tubing had new teflon tape on it and the nuts came off with ease.
Unfortunately for me, the water heater caused a lot more problems than expected. I was deliberately looking for a model that opens for revision from both ends, but now I regret it, since the disassembly work is twice as much, and the money for parts will be x2.
On each side they unscrewed and took out 7 bolts, the others I cut, hammered, heated and whatnot to get them out...


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Why the last dismantled group head photo is quite different than the group heads in the others photos?

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I bought the machine with replicas installed for some unknown reason. However, the seller also sent me the removed original groupsets.
The originals have a bent main lever that opens the other valves, also inside all the other valves and levers are very worn, clearly they have never oiled the mechanisms. I guess it was easier for them to put in a VBM replica than to repair the originals.

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I have a little progress on the project - sandblasting, priming, powder coating in matte black and firing.