Faema E61 builds pressure while heating

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Hi everyone.
My faema builds up pressure while heating.
As you can see in the video, it falls off immediately after the lever is lifted.

Any idea what this might be?


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So does my 2008 Vibiemme DB.

It means the seals are good.

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Completely normal.

The water in the thermosyphon loop expands as it heats, so it's normal to see the brew pressure gauge rise above 0. There's an expansion valve that allows water to escape if the pressure gets too high; typically it's set to open around 12 bar. The idle pressure will depend on how much unheated water was introduced (more cold water => more expansion => higher gauge reading).
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Lifting the lever opens the brew valve.
The heated water has a direction to escape once the valve is open.

The pump will be activated because the switch is closed by the lifting of the lever. The pump will force water into the brew circuit, the water will exit through the grouphead and the pressure in the brew circuit will depend on how much that flow is restricted (by the gicleur, but mostly) by the coffee-prep in the portafilter basket, while brewing.

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cafeIKE wrote:So does my 2008 Vibiemme DB.

It means the seals are good.

They should as I just serviced both groups and replaced all seals.

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HB wrote:Completely normal.
Yup. My plumbed in rotary pump e61 HX Vetrano builds pressure like that. Open the lever and pressure drops to line pressure.
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