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Hi all , i have a Faema Compact single group machine that has suddenly stopped during the brew cycle.
At first it was intermittent but has permanently stopped.
The element is heating and the pressure stat is working but the autofill circuit has failed but no response from the touch pad.
I have systematically renewed the following:
Touch Pad, Flow Meter, Pressure Stat cleaned the level probe as well a descaling. I am in the process of checking the water inlet solenoid.
I am suspecting the autofill cicuit control box unit?
I have been told from variousl suppliers that the part is no longer made and its components are not available and the circuit board is too difficult to repair.
I have had the machine for 15 years and don't want to discard it so I'm asking if anyone has an idea to convert the machine to a simple manual rocker switch avoiding the touch pad and bypassing the autofill circuit, using the manual fill push button.
Any suggestions or comments will be appreciated.


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I just fixed a very similar problem on my Brasilia after determining the transformer on the board had failed. I could not source a direct replacement for the board-mounted, potted (Waterproof) 18VAC transformer brick and had to use a generic doorbell one ($15 or so) with jumpers to and from the original mount points. Most of the challenge was finding/adapting a new enclosure for all of it, since I couldn't stuff the old board and new transformer back into the original plastic box.

It can be difficult to test a transformer before removing it from the circuit, but in my case, there wasn't anything obviously wrong withe rest of the board (no scorched or toasty-looking components or fried/cracked traces) and the impedance on the primary winding was suspiciously high (MegaOhms). Desoldering maybe isn't the easiest thing in world if you haven't done it before, but I certainly wouldn't call that too difficult to repair.

Beanzz (original poster)

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Thanks for that, I shall pass that on to an old school coffee tech and let him have ago at it.
I did notice during the failed brew cycle that one of two relays on the circuit was clicking, but was told by an electronics tech that the relay is an unusual voltage and not stocked.