Extremely Abused Pre-Mil 2 switch Pavoni.

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This whole pavoni was abused horribly. Amazingly, the electrics are flawless. Anyone ever encounter this issue with a pavoni group? The siphon screws in and functions fine, but the screw which is part of the whole casting it seems has split along the thread on the very edge. There's no signs of deformation on the siphon so maybe rot plus heat/cool cycles acting upon a weak spot? Idk. I don't think this person ever cleaned or changed any gaskets on it either. Shower screen was so dry and shrunken I was able to lever it out with a chopstick like nothing. Once inside, I immediately regretted it as inside the group is disgusting. The piston gaskets feel almost like rock hard tpu plastic at this stage. Also some caked silicone grease in the top. I am at a loss for the siphon screw, if it was stress within the metal, one would think it is relieved at this stage.. Base is a pile of rot but I can solve that cheaply, it was knocked on the pressure valve hard at some point but it holds. Idk if anyone has a press tool to get a pavoni boiler back into correct shape, but anything I do is likely to make matters worse. Amazing how little respect the machine was given.

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