Expobar Control water flow issue

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Hi all - I have a 9 year old Expobar Office Control that does not flow any water when I press the brew buttons. If I test the pump directly it will produce a very low flow, 75ml per 30 seconds, but if I bypass the flow meter it will pump water as per specs - about 300ml per 30 seconds. So I think it may be an issue with the flow meter, however wondering why I am getting absolutely no flow at the brew head - why not get the 75ml dribble the pump is producing?. No flow would likely indicate a solenoid not opening.

Anyways just thought I would post this before I get too far into it so I do not miss something obvious. My first try may be to simply bypass the flow meter and supply the pump directly from the reservoir. I also wonder whether the flow meter may control a solenoid - that is could a faulty flow meter cause a solenoid to be closed?

Any thoughts or insights appreciated.