Expobar Brewtus Maintaining Pressure at Grouphead

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#1: Post by grantl »

Hello all,

My expobar brewtus seems to be maintaining some pressure after brewing. When moving the brew lever to the down position, some water and pressure is released, but there's a fair amount of pressure still remaining at the group-head. When removing the portafilter, water sprays as a result.

Oddly enough, this doesn't happen with the backflush disk in. When I backflush, far more pressure seems to be released.

I disassembled the grouphead and didn't notice anything obvious. The infusion valve has been replaced in the past year.

Any recommendations or potential things to look at? The fact that it releases pressure when back-flushing is throwing me for a bit of a loop.


#2: Post by CSME9 »

Probably need to change the exhaust/drain valve, the rubber seal around the spring might be worn, it's the lowest one of the three valves where the water comes out of the group discharge hole into the drip tray. If they're old might as well clean the area and change the other two valves
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#3: Post by WWWired »

Hi grantl :) Expobar Brewtus is an incredible espresso machine for sure! :)

+1 on CSME9's post :)

Here's a great E61 maintenance video by Home-Barista site sponsor, Whole Latte Love, that hopefully adds a bit of info in support of CSME9's excellent suggestion . . .