Eureka Specialita - No power to motor

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I have a Specialita purchased new about 6 months ago that performed flawlessly until my second espresso this morning. After pushing in the portafilter to start the grind, I hear the click of the motor relay and the countdown timer moving, but no grinding. The motor wasn't stalled, it apparently just wasn't getting any power. I power cycled and tried again ... "click" ... and again no grinding. This time I gave the grinder a good whack on the side and tried again. This time it ran with no sign of performance loss.

I think this is clear evidence that there is a loose connection inside the grinder. But before opening up the grinder and checking connections with my multimeter, I thought I would check here first to see if others have experienced similar things, and whether there is anything I should look for. Or maybe I should just ignore the issue and give the grinder another good whack if it misbehaves again. Thoughts?


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Betcha anything your grinder is clogged up. Pull the top off and see if the grinding chamber and discharge chute are plugged up. This will stall out the motor. Don't need to ask me how I know this...

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Are you suggesting that my whack to the side dislodged something and got it running again? When I tried running it this morning, I heard absolutely nothing from the motor, just the click of the relays. I would have at least expected to hear the motor struggle to start when power was applied. But I got nothing, just silence. I've had other grinders get jammed before and usually hear something. Not saying your wrong, I'm just a bit skeptical. Curious to hear if others think this could be something as simple as a clogged chamber.

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You've got two reasonable reasons for this issue, a loose wire or a clog. I suggest you pull it apart, fix it and let us know what you've found :mrgreen: .


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+1 for clogged or jammed - I have had precisely the same experience with my Specialita. For example when making the grind much finer without running the grinder.


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Check out this video:
It's easy enough to find out. A couple of screws and your grinder is as apart as you need to confirm if it's jammed up. And yes the symptoms you describe are exactly what happens when these grinders clog up.

See my post regarding this issue here:
Eureka Mignon Single Dose Mod (AKA The Stealth Grinder)

I've had no issues since I made these mods.


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When cloged, Eureka motor is making whining noise.


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If no sound, correct, power is not being supplied. I would make sure the button switch wire in the front is secure. If you've cleaned the unit before, you probably know how to disassemble the front panel. If you don't know how, see this nice video . The wires may appear to make contact but the soldering may be failing, hence the whack making it work sometimes. If it's loose (pull it gently to confirm), it's a simple soldering fix. You can get a basic soldering kit for like $15 from hardware store if you don't have one. GL!


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You can find out in less time than it takes to read this thread. Just pop the top of and see...

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Well not really. As I stated in my first post, the grinder is working again. If it is indeed electrical (and I suspect it is), the problem is likely to return. When it does, I intend to open it up and probe the connections with my multimeter. If it is jammed, I should be able to figure that one out quickly too. I will report back if and when the problem recurs.