Eureka Mignon Specialita taking way longer to grind after 9 months of use

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#1: Post by josebarista »

Hi, I purchased a Mignon Specialita almost a year ago. About 40 pounds of beans later, it started to increase the time needed for the 18gs dose I grind ( beans from the same roaster, time increase was about the same % on the 3 kinds of beans I regularly purchase.)

It usually took between 11.5 and 13 seconds (depending on the bean type) to grind the 18gs and it now goes from 14.5 up top 15.6

Apart from this, I now need to dial it much finer, the dial used to be set between 2 and 1.5 range, and I'm now really close to the 0 mark on the dial in order to get the same extraction time.

I thought it might be time to replace the burrs, but then I read from the user manual they are expected to be good for 500 pounds of coffee.

Is there anything I can do, other than opening and cleaning the grinder, to try and get it back to good working shape?

Anyone knows if there is any "recalibration" to be performed?

The grinder is still under warranty, but there are not authorised resellers / services in my country and the shipping cost + customs troubles makes going that way a no.

Thanks in advance for any help.



#2: Post by Avaloche »

I have few questions for you:
First of all,have some other conditions changed during the past months?
What types of bean do you use - if you're using mostly oily beans-then the grinding gets slower-it's completely natural.
It is very early to change the burrs,give it a good clean - see how it feels then.


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Hi, Avaloche, we are entering summer and room temp is about 10° (c) higher than it was a month before, but so it was when the grinder was brand new (and it was faster than now)

I buy beans that are shipped to me 4/5 days after roasting and (to my knowledge at least) are medium roast, not oily at all (when I compare them to the supermarket stuff I bought before starting the Espresso journey.)

Not so worried about time tasing longer, not that I need those 2 extra seconds in my mornings :mrgreen: but yes about having to go "so fine" (in the dial), since I'm really close to the " 0 " mark now and not sure I'm getting the same quality of grind that I was getting before (consistency wise)

Dealing seems to have gotten way finickier than it was when the grinder ground faster.

Thanks for your help!

ps: I just disassembled the lower burr for the first time and gave it a thorough clean, lots of gunk there, was hoping for an improvement, but there wasn't one, took the same 15.6 secs to grind 18 grams and the dial had to be in the same position in order to get 25ish seconds of extraction time with it.


#4: Post by Avaloche »

Here's a little detail,that you might have missed in the cleaning - get a tooth pick(or something similar) and clean the exit chute.
Oh,and I guess you will find this useful: 9 Months with Eureka Mignon- Disappointed