Espresso machine has sprung a leak, part name please

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Hi, my espresso machine has recently sprung a leak, a small plastic connecting piece which attaches 2 sections of hose together has a hole. I would like to know what the part is called and where I might get one. I have a picture but don't seem to be able to attach it.


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Hi Clueless, welcome on HB, your first post it match your nickname :lol:
What espresso machine is?, where is the leaking part located?
Definitely, without a photo it's a lottery.

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Sorry thought I had replied, yup without a picture it's going to be tough, I will try though.
The piece is approx 10mm white plastic cylinder shape. At one end it fits onto a metal nipple, the other end clips onto a plastic hose. There are 2 metal horse shoe shape clips that fix it to the hose at nipple respectively.


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Sorry, never seen one like that before, maybe it is a Russell Hobbs proprietary part.

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Carefully pull the 2 metal clips out. I forget if they come all the way out or stop. If they come out do not misplace them. Then pull out the hose and then remove from the metal part. There will be an O-ring on the end of the hose or still stuck inside. Very gently clean all the surfaces and the O-rings. If the metal part is corroded and that's causing the leak you're probably out of luck, but if everything cleans up nice and the O-rings are in good condition then put is back together and see if it's better. Put the O-Rings fully seated on the hose and metal stub before placing the hoses in the connector. And be gentle putting it together, you don't want to damage the 0-Ring. Push together and push the clips back in. If you're lucky, that fixed it, if not, you have to figure out why.

Edit: I don't know the name of the part, but it's used by Decent and I believe also by Breville or Sage.

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Would lubing the o-rings with DOW-111 help?

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It couldn't hurt and might make them go on easier. Also, if you have a good selection of o-rings and your same size replacement still leaks, you could try using a slightly "beefier" one.

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Till it's taken apart and he looks at it, it's hard to say anything. They certainly don't usually need lubrication. I've never worried about it when I worked on a Decent and had to take them on and off a few times. As long as you fully set the O-ring on the tube and not in the connector it's pretty much impossible to have anything go wrong. They are really nice connectors, but they require professionally made hoses.

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Thanks for that. Unfortunately there is a small hole in the side of the plastic body where the steam escapes from. Tried to fill it with super glue but it just blew out the second time I used it.

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Any thoughts on using a 2 part epoxy glue? It's a pin hole in the plastic.