End of support for Breville Dual Boiler BES900XL

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#1: Post by jscott14 »

I recently bought a non-functioning 900XL BDB with a bad pump "as-is". When I got inside the machine, I realized there was more than just a bad pump... o-rings have been leaking on the steamer and there is rust inside, and the unit doesn't even power on (my guess is a thermal fuse). I did the $395 Breville repair last year on my other 900XL machine, and decided to just go that route instead of trying to fix the myriad of things wrong with this one.
I just learned from Breville support that they are no longer servicing the 900XL. The best they will do is offer a 40% discount on a new 920XL ($900).
I took a calculated gamble on this purchase and apparently lost. :) Hopefully this will help prevent others from making the same assumption/mistake.
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#2: Post by stevec123 »

I am having similar difficulties with a unit I purchased brand new. I like the 900 and want to repair it but it seems no one is willing to offer guidance. What were the conditions on the 40% discount offer? They did not offer that to me and I may simply purchase a new unit since the original served me well for eight years.