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Any Elektra Verve owners out there have an issue with the steam boiler heating element going out on them?

I've had my Verve since January and just yesterday morning the heating element on the steam boiler went out. Was on the phone with the company that i purchased the machine from and through troubleshooting the heating element was found to be the culprit. I live on the east coast and the dealer is located in LA not sure if i should have the machine sent in for repair or do the replacement myself. Just wanted to see if anyone else had this issue/has fixed it.

I was looking on a Reddit page and someone on there said that many Verves are having this same issue.

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Assuming it's under warranty, is the retailer offering to ship you the element and gasket?

It'd be faster to just do it yourself and far less stressful to the machine than shipping it across a continent. Are you comfortable enough doing it yourself that it won't be stressful to you?

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Yes the company is going to send me a heating element and gasket if I do it myself.

Yeah I feel pretty comfortable doing it myself, just looking to see if anyone else has done this on a Verve.

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Just incase anyone is interested in seeing the inside of a Verve/how to replace the heating element.

I made the repair to my machine yesterday and im happy to report that the steam boiler now works great. Apparently the first batch of Verve machines were built with a faulty heating element and this happens to most of them that were built before elektra solved the issue. I did all the work on the machine under direct instruction form a Tech from the dealer i purchased the machine from. Unfortunately I now have a new problem involving my pump not activating. I accidentally pinched a wire that goes to the pump while putting the shell of the machine back on. The shell of the machine is very sharp and easily cuts threw these thin wires... if you are going to do the repair yourself just keep that in mind.

First you need to turn the machine off and remove the outer shell. To remove the shell use a Philips head screw driver to remove the 4 screws on the top of the cup heating tray. then use an alen key to remove the screws holding the shell in place. There is one screw on each side that are located near the front of the machine. Once these screws are removed you can simply tilt the shell backwards while holding on to the wooden sides and lift up.

Once the machine is open you'll have to remove the water reservoir to get some working room. to do this tip the machine onto its back and use a philips head screwdriver to remove the 4 screws holding it in place. Tip the machine back over and pick up the water reservoir and carefully place it off to the side.

Now you should be able to get easy access to the steam boiler components. We will start by draining the tank. To do this I was instructed to syphon the water out by removing the water level sensor. Remove the water level sensor by loosening the large lower bolt and then stick a tube down the opening to syphon the water. after this I reinstalled the sensor.

The boiler heating element is easily accessible however to remove it you'll have to clear the inside panel of the machine. We will have to disconnect the steam boiler connections to be able to maneuver the boiler into a position where that is possible. To do this simply us an adjustable wrench to disconnect the steam wand, hot water tap, and the copper tube going from the boiler to the group head. A few wire connectors should be disconnected to allow this process to go without a hitch. Just make sure to take plenty of photos as the process goes so you remember where they go. Next use a wrench to loosen the 2 bolts holding the heating element in place (this will be much easier with the boiler still attached to the machine. Now tip the machine back onto its back and us an alen key and unscrew the 2 screws that are holding the boiler in place from the bottom of the machine. Tip the machine back upright and remove the heating element by sliding it out.

Clean off the opening and install the new heating element along with its new gasket. My dealer also provided me with some sealant/adhesive to apply to help seal it up. tighten the new heating element in place (no need to tighten all the way just yet). align the boiler in its original place and from the bottom hand tighten the screws that held the boiler in place. Tip the machine on its back and fully tighten the two alen screws, then tip the machine back upright.

Using a wrench tighten down the heating element followed by the steam boiler connections to the steam wand, group head, and hot water spout. then reconnect all the electrical connections.

Place the water reservoir back in its original location and tip the machine on its back for the final time to reinstall the 4 screws from the bottom. Then reattach the shell and cup tray. DONE. Hopefully this is helpful and hopefully you dont have pump issues like I have now! hahahaha

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Too late to help the post author but this youtube should give a little extra help to the next Verve HE replacement,
in the same link we are also mentioning the first video to remove the casing and another one on how to test if the voltage arrives to the steam boiler HE.
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