Elektra Semiautomatica is tripping fuse

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#1: Post by Rondan »

Hi there,

I have Elektra Semiautomatica from 2017 I believe, when plugging the electric cord of the machine to the electricity outlet, it pops the fuse.

Opened the black cover underneath it and checked the electrical element, and the didn't see anything burnt.

I disconnected one of the cables that connects to the heating element and plugged it again, and this time the light went on.

Is the problem with the heating element or I am missing something here,

FYI, I never descaled the machine and have been using it for about a year.


Thanks in advance!!

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#2: Post by another_jim »

Use a multimeter to check the resistance of the heating element. It should be about 18 ohms. If it is zero, the heater has shorted out and needs to be replaced.
Jim Schulman


#3: Post by Rondan »

That's the strange part, I checked it and he doesn't show any measurable resistance or a shortcut, it is as "disconnected".

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#4: Post by Jake_G »

Did you check resistance to ground on both sides of the element?


#5: Post by Rondan »

Yes, same results, no shortcut to the ground.


#6: Post by petesmc »

I have the same problem. However, mine is brand new and it only happens in the afternoon and evening. I noticed I get a very small amount of moisture in the boiler button towards afternoon.

Let me know if you resolved this or heard anything back from Elektra.


#7: Post by petesmc »

Just figured out that if I switch the polarity of the mains socket, turn it on, let it blow fuse again, switch polarity back, turn it on, then it will work again....very strange.

Will also point out that before I used the correct power adaptor that has a ground pin, the machine electrocuted me when a touched the metal. Not sure if this is expected since it wasn't grounded, or this is a serious problem.

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#8: Post by Jake_G »

Please unplug your machine and do not use it until you identify the leak to ground. As it sits now, your machine is DANGEROUS.

It seems you are savvy with a voltmeter, but please leave this machine unhooked until you rectify this potentially deadly ground fault. If you are in any way unsure of whether or not your machine is safe to use after repairing it or are unsure of how to repair it, take it to a professional. As much as I love espresso, it's not worth anyone losing life or limb over...


#9: Post by petesmc »

Thanks for the advice. A new development is that I noticed the boiler measurement was dropping slightly even not in use. I planned to take the base off and have a look inside but when I lifted machine up, water was coming out of the base! I'm guessing this is pretty serious... possibly a cracked boiler. Will get a pro to look at it. Ideally Elektra would but have had no luck contacting them.


#10: Post by Rondan »

Hello again,

I am now completely puzzled, my assumption was that the heating element is shortcutting and causes the fuse to blowup, so I disconnected one of the wires to it and the fuze is not blowing up and the lights of the machine are LIGHT.

Then, to isolate other problems, I disconnected the other wire from the heating element and wired it directly with an external cable to the wall plug and it started to heat up the water, which means that the heating element is OK (I didn't ground that cable!) and the fuse didn't blowup.

Now, I am completely at loss of what can be the problem that is causing the fuse to blow up,

Any thoughts ?