Elektra Nino stalls

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#1: Post by Theodore »

I have a Elektra Nino grinder in my house from about 2007,using it about 7 years only,(because my Reneka was off),making 2-3 doubles a day.
Trying to use it now ,I have problems with it.I sent it to a technician,but after 4 trials from him,the problem is here unfortunately.
I see this.When I turned it on,the burr is turning,but if I put coffee in it,no movement at all,only a very slight sound of the motor.
Another technician,told me to change the capacitor starter.
Have you please any idea what to do?
Espresso uber alles.


#2: Post by JRising »

If it starts itself without load, then the starting capacitor is probably okay, how many capacitors does it have, just a start or both a start and run?
And, just to confirm, you are saying that if you start it with no beans, and then pour the beans while it's running it stalls, correct?