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civ wrote: But you'll have to find a machine shop with a lathe and a qualified operator to fix it.
It's just a question of setting the carrier on the lathe and running through the threads (at the proper settings) to rectify them with a tool.
I'd say no more than 15/20' work, but that's not a given.

I would not recommend any other course of action unless you are highly qualified and experienced in using hand tools.
eg: any experience in small die manufacturing?
The visual inspection of the chamber threads looked cleaned. Although it was almost impossible to inspect all the threads with my fingernail due to the burr getting in the way. I was able to inspect about half of them.

Fortunately I have a friend who is experienced in tooling and machining who will take a look at it. He said chasing the thread may not be necessary, but that was based on the photo I sent him. The bump is very minuscule. I'll have a better idea when I meet him today at lunch.

I know we discussed this earlier in the thread, but how much resistance should there be when threading this in? When I remove those 4 springs (I understand these are required for alignment) there are zero issues with threading the carrier. It glides through the threads effortlessly.


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ira wrote:It's a tiny bump on a giant thread. it needs to be removed, how perfectly is irrelevant as long as all you do is remove the bump and maybe some of the thread it's on. As long as you don't create another bump, you're golden. Setting it up in a lathe to chase the threads requires precision beyond what many machine shops are capable of, especially since you can't tell them where to index off of to find the original axis. A minute or less with a new very fine nail file or a piece of 320 grit sandpaper folded across a knife blade should solve the problem. It's 1/16 inch in 20 feet of thread.

That may well be the case. I'm bringing it to my friends shop on my lunch break but just based on photos he's not sure if chasing the thread is necessary. A quick file or grind may do the trick. I'm selling this grinder so I'm hesitant to do it at home at the risk of messing something up.