Elektra Modern Maxi repair help

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#1: Post by colbinious »


This is my first time trying to repair an espresso machine. It is an elektra modern maxi group 2 from 2002. I was able to make enough repairs to get it to this point but reached my first roadblock.

When it is turned on the machine makes a clicking sound. Most of which is the solenoid activating the pin. I took it out and tested it and the pin pulls up and down. The motor will not engage but the heater will turn on. I have tested all the components with a multimeter and it is getting the required 220v plus everywhere.

there is a video of where the machine is at currently.
any tips on where to go next is appreciated.

Thank you

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#2: Post by MatGreiner »

Is the clicking coming from the Pressurestat? That's a part that needs replacement once in a while. There may also be a water inlet solenoid.
Does the pump (motor) operate in isolation?

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#3: Post by ira »

If I was guessing I'd say the Power Supply in the control box is dying, either the bridge rectifier has lost a diode or the big capacitor needs replacing. Can you show us a picture of the board inside the controller?