ECM Technika IV water tank leak

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Hi all, hoping to get some guidance on an issue I've been having with my ECM.

The water tank is leaking into the metal tray which holds it, as seen in following photo:

I had reached out to WLL first to inquire about what they think the issue is, and they said I'd need a new water reservoir valve assembly... which I purchased and installed, but the issue persists. In fact I've noticed that the new valve actually allows water to drip past the spring/ball seal without the tank inserted, whereas the old valve did not do this. :evil:

Any thoughts? I hate throwing money at new parts for no reason.

Do I consider replacing the following as well? Its hard to figure out where exactly the water is making its escape. Perhaps the valve body seal into the highlighted part here:

Thanks for your help!

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BaristaBoy E61

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Rather than going further down the same rabbit hole, might direct plumbing be a possibility?
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Most likely the lower coupling has a hairline crack, not uncommon on these. Order part P6020.k4. You can usually re use the nut to hold it in place

thedarkness (original poster)

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Thanks to both for your replies. I suppose thats really the only part of the equation that is remaining. The reservoir tank itself is not cracked, that much I know. I've left it sitting on the countertop full of water overnight and it didn't let out a drop...

Plumbing it is a distant possibility... I have to drill countertops and run lengthy drain hoses in the process, possibly under the floor, so its on a low list of priorities.

Thanks again, I'll be ordering that part