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Nunas wrote:Yes! I was just typing that suggestion, you must be psychic :lol: . The pressure from your RO is just about right for a plumbed in machine. Concerning your low flow of 7 gm/s when testing water debit, switching back to using the reservoir to see if the noise goes away is a good test. If it does, then John may have hit the nail on the head with his comment about restriction at the inlet causing cavitation. Rotary pumps in espresso machines are primarily made to push, not pull water.
Ya it's silent. Now getting 1/4 turn 3g/s and change. So now I'm getting a wide range. I'll just leave the tank mode. It was just a pain to refill under cabinet but I'm printing a custom funnel to make it easy. Here is what I was hearing when plumbed. I'd love to plumb it but I guess I gotta think of a new way to push enough water from a ro pressurized tank. But for now here is what it was doing

I'll post a sound difference with tank mode
Now I'm doing preinfusion by I guess just barely cracking the flow control for 10 seconds then I just spin it 1 full turn and shoot for 30g in 35secondish

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Wow, that's some serious cavitation sound. This surprises me, as I'd have guessed that the flow from your accumulator tank would be more than enough. Is it possible that the accumulator has a problem? For example, a leaky diaphragm or the wrong amount of air. I have an RO, which is not plumbed to my Synchronika. I didn't want to plumb it in, as I could not bring myself to drill a hole in the counter top. My solution to the reservoir filling issue is to use a hose. I have a standard RO spigot mounted on the coffee counter. I found a size of hardware store clear tubing that fits tightly over the spout. I bought a small piece of that and a longer piece of the next size down. If you wet the tubing and quickly force the smaller one into the larger one, once it dries out, it will stick there as if it were glued. So, I just lift the reservoir lid until it's up, shove the hose in and turn on the spigot. I can send you a photo if you like.

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My way to fill it. 3d printed worked like a charm. So I'll be able to just use this and give up hope on plumbing it in. Oh wellllllll but it is quieter. Well my 5psi bladder I checked yesterday it was empty so I put air in it. Maybe it's shot. But thinking back when I did this long time ago on a new tank I don't recall if it was quiet or not. So I can replace the tank. And try again. Or just keep it not plumbed.