ECM Synchronika leaking at base of steam valve onto face plate.

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Anyone know why this might be happening? I think I've had this machine for a few years now and it's just started leaking from the base of the steam valve assembly onto the faceplate. For that matter, is there any other maintenance I should do internally if I have to open it up? Thanks!

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The way the lever valves are assembled, the guts go in from the back side and they're sealed in with a threaded fitting (#4 in pic) onto which the pipe from the boiler connects... The valve body is prevented from rotating by a pin in the machine that fits a hole in the back of the valve body (no number but it appears in pic).
If someone tried to open the compression nut without making sure that the copper tube and the #4 can't rotate, they could find #4 to be loose and it leaking past o-ring #12

Or... #4 has cracked and is leaking and the water is escaping between the valve and the face of the machine.

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Thank you for the information. Would this be a relatively easy fix?