ECM Synchronika: Can't change steam tip wand, because it removes an extra screw (tip is fused with wand)

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ECM Synchronika, wanted to swap my 2 hole tip for 4 hole tip. Removed the steam wand tip. It took a little work, it was on there pretty tight.

Turns out it removed the bottom portion of the wand itself along with the tip - thus exposing the end of the Teflon "no burn" inner sheath. This is leaving me with a male threaded ended very tightly attached to my 2 hole steam tip. My replacement 4 hole tip is a female thread, so it's obviously unscrewed more than intended.

I can't get the tip off properly to allow for the swap. Any ideas how to separate the two pieces here properly? I'm guessing they just fused from milk gunk and heat or something?

Side note: if I remove the no burn sheath and change my mind, is it easy to just slide right back in, or do I have to disassemble more? I presume removing/reinserting the Teflon no burn sheath is an easy, reversible thing to experiment with?


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I believe tips are available with male or female threads. Your ECM wand ends with female threads, so the tips you want to use with it should have male threads...You should get a 4 hole tip (if that's what you want) with male threads.


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I believe you have a wrong replacement part. I am not sure about your second question. I believe you have to remove the whole wand in order to slide it back in. I wouldn't remove it

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I have the official ECM replacement wand tips (3 and 4 hole) direct from Clive Coffee and those replacement tips are female threaded...

Now I'm confused...


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The female threaded tips are for different machines, like Rancilio Silvias, some Quickmills, Isomacs and a few others. Did you let Clive know you wanted a tip for the Synchronika?

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Yes it was ordered alongside my machine. Well mistakes happen, I'll contact them. It's been a year as I never bothered to try it, but I'm sure they'll take care of it!

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Please post a pic of the parts.

Likely the tip is welded with milk and scale. You might try soaking in a warmish very mild vinegar & water solution. 1 part vinegar, 10 parts water.

After the above, you might try putting the tip back on, running a boatload of steam through it to get it nice and hot. Then, wearing gloves and using two sets of slip jaw pliers with a bit of inner tube to protect the metal, hold the 'fixed' part and remove the 'tip'

FWIW, every time I steam, I wipe down the wand, loosen and then snug the tip and then blow steam. Never had a stuck tip in 30 machine years.

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Well, it is either what Ian says, or I just have the wrong part. Here is what I ordered from Clive:

Here is perhaps what I needed? ... m-wand-tip

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Page 11: ... -07-04.pdf

Seems to indicate that my steam wand tip may be fused as Ian suggested?

Part is listed as ECM P6002.6 for the tips, same as what Clive sold me:

Unless I happen to get a fluke change to the Profitec part on my machine for some reason?


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I believe your referring to the new ECM / profitc steam tip adaptor, it should unscrew using an allen key, 12mm spanner on tip, allen key for the adaptor;