ECM Mechanika IV temperature issues and more after descaling

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Hello guys,
I have a good amount of issues after descaling my ECM Mechanika IV.

1: when turning on the machine, temp gets to about 75°c and stays there. If I raise the lever and let water in without engaging the pump, the heating cycle seems to return to normal until the machine is up to temp at 94°c after a while (coffee sensor readings). After a shot, temps start lowering until I am back at step 1.

2: pump could be failing, I am to blame since when rinsing the boiler I probably stressed it too much when refilling. During a shot it seems to suddenly drop pressure sometimes, shots are terrible, acidic and sour.

3: tank now leaks from the valve where water is drawn by the pump, forming a small puddle in the metal area under the tank. I can't seem to find where is the leak, if it's the o-ring or other parts, or it's related to the pump issue.

So, I think I should first see to the pump issue and see if it fixes anything, should I replace with the same ulka or there are better options?

About the temp issues, what can I try?

Tank: should I try to disassemble the valve and check for issues?


ppaolo2 (original poster)

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Ok, the old tank valve was leaking (terrible plastic design really, the new one looks much better). I got a replacement, waiting for the delivery.
I installed the new pump, flow is much better from the grouphead, however the temp issue is still here.
After installing the new tank valve, I will see if that fixes anything (unlikely).
Any suggestion on what should I try or look for to fix this temp issue?