ECM Mechanika IV Profi occasionally not heating

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Hi folks,

I own a ECM Mechanika IV Profi for more than 5 years and encountered problem of occasionally not heating like a week ago.
The symptoms are:
- both green and orange lights on
- pressure in boiler drops below minimum pressurestat value
- no heating

Temporary fix is to swich main swich couple of times and eventually it kicks off the heating element and then its possible that the machine works for an hour or so without problem.

What I measured and tried
- pressurestat correctly closes the circuit (measured by continuity on multimeter) when pressure drops below the triggering pressure
- both heating secure elements measured continuity, means they were not triggered and looks good
- heating element also shows continuity when measured

Only thing I don't know how to measure individual pins inside the cigar controller box. My assumption is that one of the relays - I opened the box and count 3 - is worn-out and not kicks heating when it should.

Do you have any advice or should I go just with buying the new controller box( cca 120EUR) ?