ECM Mechanika IV Professional blockages

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#1: Post by mhoy »

About 1.5 years ago, I packed up and moved and the espresso machines got boxed up. We also just finished a complete main floor remodel down to the studs and back, so I now have a coffee bar. :-)

Upon unpacking and setting up my ECM M-IV and turning it on, I was dismayed with what is occurring. The steaming wand works, but the hot water dispenser and the group head no longer pump out any water. Upon engaging the group head pump, I see that pressure builds up in the head from the pressure gauge, but no water comes out. The hot water wand also doesn't have any water come out.

I suspect the hard water has left a blockage in the plumbing somewhere. I'll likely be opening things up and seeing what happened soon, but thought I'd ask here if anyone else has had this happen.

The following is what I think my machine has inside (I have not taken it apart yet). ... iagram.pdf

Note: The Elektra T1 I rebuilt 15 years ago is still in a box as I didn't put plumbing into this coffee bar. :-(
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BaristaBoy E61

#2: Post by BaristaBoy E61 »

You might need to do a complete citric acid descaling.
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#3: Post by JRising »

Very likely blocked at the gicleur.

If there's no flow at all, you'll need to poke a pin through the gicleur to get some flow, then you can descale the entire circuit.

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mhoy (original poster)

#4: Post by mhoy (original poster) »

I'll try and get some flow going, but currently it's entirely blocked except for the hot water wand.

I kind of expect I'll be taking things apart but maybe I'll get lucky. At least it won't have the scale that was in my Elektra. :-0