ECM Mechanika 4 switchover 2019

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I bought a new Espresso machine in 2019 in Toronto Canada and since that time (3X times) repair, they can not fixed problem?
1- When pulling my first double shot (18 grams) the machine( rotary pump) make so mutch vibration that the front tray make rattle noise (loud)
and after, doing less noise but still vibrating the cup or tray.
2- I have to adjust the grind size of coffee day after day, and sometimes in the same morning I have to adjust grind size. the time for espresso around
25 second with 1.5 Ounce, Coffee is in airscape and fresh roasting 3-4 day when I buyt it.
3-Pressure of machine at gage is 10 Bar and I let machine warm up for at least 45 minutes before pulling a shot.
4-After a shot of espresso, i m doing vapor for milk frothing it goes from 1.4 Bar to 0.75 Bar intermittent.(not all the time) Good frothing with 1.0 Bar
and over.
The repair shop do not think that motor or and pump is defective but still having problems???
They adjust temperature, change spring in group head, adjust pressure for pump and braker on thank where replaced(1 defective)
Machine is still on waranty. :(

Is anyone know about the solution?
Thank you

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If I remember correctly, there are two bolts that secure the motor/pump to the frame during shipping. Have you or the service facility removed these ?

Eric S.
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Yes the bolt where removed:)


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Some drop in pressure is normal when steaming. As long as it doesn't dip below .7 bar, you should steam fine. If it bounces up and down, you should take a video for proof of problem.

Do they have another Mechanika on demo that you can view. If you can show yours is significantly worse for rattling, then I think I'd try to insist it is not working correctly and get them to exchange. You might be able to contact ECM and see if they will help. I have Profitec (sister Co. to ECM) with vibe pump and it does not rattle the glasses on top.

Maybe take a video of an extraction and steaming so people here can get a sense of problems with the operation and maybe someone can help.

Edit: looks like you aren't in Toronto where you bought it.. IDC? It's tough when you are not local to the dealer.. Maybe get a local espresso tech to take a look.. might be worth the money spent.. and maybe you can bill back to ECM if they actually find something wrong and can fix it.


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Thank you very much:)

Ok for vapor pressure low is .7 bar but when I wait 20 second after a shot of espresso, it stay at 1.0 bar.

For rattle,, I already sent a video of my machine and my nefew machine(same ECM),
with Db meter 10 db louder mine than his.(3 db double sound so 10 db is 3 times louder tan mine.)
Mine is rattling and his not at all.
I have to call Idrinkcoffe again because they did not test with double shots.
Yes i'm out of Toronto, in Quebec...
I already wrote to ECM germany 3 times, but they say its Idrinkcoffee responsabilty!

Very appreciate your advise.


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I had no luck when I contacted Profitec with a performance issue on their HX design. Hopefully IDC will fix .. I think IDC is pretty good. They fixed a bad SSR (but took 2 months; but my performance issue they didn't have any real experience in)... I won't deal with any future brands in which I can't communicate directly with the company or individual involved with the design. So brands I now consider would be Kafatek, Cafelat Robot, Decent, Niche, etc.. But I had an overall good experience with IDC. I blame the performance issue I have on Profitec's design. The above is strictly my own opinion. Many love Profitec/ECM design as the build quality is very high.