ECM Classika PID went blank

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#1: Post by KDaniul »

Hello. Today when i turned the ecm classika on the PID went blank... i turned the machine on off, i check every wire, reset thermal limit (didnt pop) but nothing has worked.. the pump is running, the green dot is on.. unfortunately i dont have a multimeter to measure the voltage from pid.. any idea?

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#2: Post by romlee »

One possibility: accidentally turning off the display. While the machine is on, press the "+" button once.
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KDaniul (original poster)

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Not working. Also, the machine doesn t heat..

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#4: Post by JRising »

Does the steam switch make the element heat, despite the lack of activity from the PID?

Since the pump runs, the issue isn't the reservoir float. It certainly sounds like your PID Controller is burnt out. You should get a multimeter so you can know for sure.

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Can you switch the machine to 'Direct Plumb' even momentarily, turn OFF any Low Water Level Alarm and see if the display comes back?
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