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#21: Post by Jeff »

Gigleurs are flow restrictors. Typically they are a threaded plug with a small hole through them, often about 1/2 mm. One common use it to keep the flow into the group down to a reasonable rate until the basket and puck comes up to higher pressures.

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The OP wrote that what the repair shop found was two missing gigleurs . Were these replaced? I don't know how the Musica group head is constructed, but gigleurs (the e61 uses only one per group head) are essential to meter the flow (and indirectly the pressure) of the brew water during extraction. Not having them in their place in the brew circuit will adversely affect your ability to control espresso extraction.

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Kinda surprising that bypassing a flow meter improved the flow uch. In my experience it barely generates any resistance against the pump intake. Guess this one was really clogged up?

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The knowledge on here is outstanding, thanks all!

They were not replaced, but I have just found and ordered two from Espresso Lane UK and a quick search of YouTube makes it look a fairly DIY friendly job.

I'll report back once those are fitted. I have had some tasty shots off the machine today, though the shots have fun faster than I'd like so maybe these are the answer