E61 M6 Y adapter for temperature & flow gauges? - Page 2

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The part from the smart profiler site is a wye.
Your temperature probe would go down through the straight section and the pressure gauge would mount in the angled port.


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Looking again at the adapter, it says it has "G1/8" threads. That's British whitworth, no? It looks like it is supplied with adapters to fit the M6 threads on the group head and also one for the thermometer. But the third hole is not really specified so that might present a bit of a problem. It might be possible to rethread the port but I'd check with the manufacturer before spending any money on it.


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Right, I agree that the wye part of the pressure profiler could work, but you are going to need adapters to match the metric threads on the e61 port and to connect the thermometer (to the straight thru port to get its probe into the water flow channel). I'd be concerned that all this stuff will raise the thermometer face high enough to interfere with the flow control valve handle. Nonetheless the whape of the y-adapter is correct. It just needs to keep the gauges out of the way of the FCD.


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It looks like the adapter would be protruding at an angle that would keep it well clear of the flow control valve. But you are correct in that it would be hanging out there a bit! It also looks like they sell the wye with adapters to fit the e61 and also for the thermometer. But not one for the hole for the smart profiler device. Maybe they would sell an extra one. In any case I would not buy this before talking to the manufacturer to make sure everything would match up.