E61 Flow Rate Issues

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I've had my Rocket Cellini for over 7 years now. Always fed filtered water, with Oscar pouches for the last 2-3 years. Last few weeks it hasn't been generating sufficient flow rate. I've since descaled the group head and replaced the ulka pump. Still no luck. Is this HX route scale issue? Looking for advice on next steps.


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By descaled the group, did you just run descaler through it, or did you inspect it internally as well?

It could be a blocked group jet, or a worn top valve cam follower preventing the valve opening properly. These are just a few of the more common possibilities on a 7 year old machine.

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Disassembled the group head. I've also rebuilt the group within the last year internally. It's also incredibly slow to fill the boiler as well which would indicate something further upstream to me. I'm honestly game for full disassembly I just know I'm apt to break something that currently works in the process. Can anybody identify the other potential failure points along the way?


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Autofill solenoid and any 1 way valve.

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If it's over 7 years old and has a vibe pump, I think it's a safe bet to say the pump is old and weak.
If you run it against closed valves, can you stall the pump?

If it's a Cellini Evo (with a rotary pump), does the pump still sound normal? What does the pump gauge show when you run it against closed valves? What does the gauge show when you run it with brew valve open and no portafilter?

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If it's a vibe pump, check the air bleed if there is one.

If there is a lot of water returning to the tank while making a shot it's likely the OPV or the air bleed IF the pump can't make 10+ bar on a blind basket