Drilling E61 rear for brew pressure gauge

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Hi There, just some questions re drilling the E61 rear for brew pressure - other conversion threads...
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Obviously it voids the warranty! But the importer was worried it would degrade the integrity of the head over time. To me, the head looks super solid but has anyone heard of any long-term integrity issues with doing this?

I'm replacing the single gauge with a combo gauge but the current steam gauge has the capillary soldered-in, and connections on the new gauge look to be screw-in. Can I just de-soldered/re-solder the existing capillary into the new gauge or is it a completely different fitting/post so best to replace the entire steam capillary with a screw-in type to fit the new gauge?

I'll be asking a friend to do the drilling but it looks like a jig is required to keep the head level for drilling - is that right?

Also, I've included a photo from this thread: Lelit Mara - HX Profiler Conversion

It shows the hole drilled with what looks to be a sleeve inserted. I wasn't sure but just confirming that the sleeve was for the thermometer test in the thread and not for the pressure gauge - I'll just need to drill and tap, no sleeve, right?

Any tips and suggestions much appreciated. Cheers, Ben

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Thanks to who ever got the pics working!

After thinking about the soldered capillary tube in the existing gauge a bit more, I'm assuming the tube is just inserted and soldered - no fitting? So I could just de-solder the tube from existing gauge, then insert and solder the same tube into the new gauge?

And does the amount of coil have anything to do with gauge calibration or is just how capillary tubes come?


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Making permanent connections to mechanical devices is not a good idea. Solder the correct mating fitting to the capillary. Don't forget to put the nut on first :wink:

If the second gauge image is used and the one to be installed, verify it works BEFORE installation.

The coil is to prevent 'hammering' which could eventually fracture the pipe at the gauge. Not too big, not too small, just right. 1 to 2 inches in diameter seems to be the espresso space RoT.

Assuming the driller has a decent setup, a jig can be bodge up from wood blocks to hold the group.

Coffee is returned into the cam area, so there is a small danger of a plugged pipe. procedere diligenter.