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LittleCoffee wrote:Just for future reference if anyone stumbles on this...

Indeed descaling with 13g/l Citric Acid solution freed this right up.

Man does having boiler drains and an independent steam boiler switch on the Duetto make life easy when descaling.
How soon after purchase did you have to descale? I'm considering this machine atm

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The scale problem arose because I was doing something stupid - I spent a year drawing pure distilled water out of the steam wand (i.e. steam) and putting in very soft bottled water in the reservoir. It's only a question of time before the steam boiler becomes pure chalk...

In any event, I caught this one year in from brand new with zero consequences - the machine worked throughout. I am now regularly drawing water from the hot water wand and monitoring the hardness of what comes out to prevent a repeat.

I have had nothing but delight from my Duetto in the year I've had it, and I would heartily recommend it. Compared to similar class dual boiler machines I believe it has quite a few design decisions which are just better made and will result in greater longevity.
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