Do people really stuff their Baratza Sette 270 with ceramic fibre?

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At some point I read this post The Baratza Sette 270Wi deserves more love and I put it at the back of my mind that noise insulating your Sette with ceramic fibre was the done thing which works.

I then somehow decided this would be a good thing to do and went and ordered some ceramic fibre sheet. I even popped open my Sette and was just about ready to start stuffing the fibre in before I noticed that.... ceramic fibre sheds a ton of dust. And I mean A TON. This seems like a really bad idea?

Do people really stuff their Settes with ceramic fibre? Seems like a sure fire way to shorten the motor/gearbox life? Or am I missing something (like maybe there's ceramic fibre subtype that doesn't shed dust?)

Curious whether this is really a thing?

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a solution searching for a problem IMO.

LittleCoffee (original poster)

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I agree!!! Problem is my wife doesn't :D


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Ceramic fibre is a thermal insulation, not so useful with sound.
I will hope that someone presents a ready to install sound kit for the Sette 270.



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You could build a small lightweight soundproof padded box that will fit over the grinder. Load coffee in the grinder, turn it on and cover it with the box. Lift off the box when done grinding.


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I think the poster your referring to got his idea from this thread.
Quieting the Baratza Sette - 4 reversible mods tried & tested

This poster was pleased with his results. Also he used closed cell foam as well as other sound dampening materials.
Baratza Sette 270, but quiet

Personally theres no way I'm using ceramic insulation. Foam? Maybe in the base.