DIY low water warning LED for Rocket

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Hi All!

I've fallen victim to my shot running out of water mid way through on my Rocket Mozzafiato and am trying to make a simple low water warning light. I'm thinking if I hook up an LED to a small watch battery then place to copper wires that are shorting the circuit to the desired depth so when the water falls below the wires the short is removed and the LED turns on to give proper warning to refill.

Wondering a couple things - is there a simpler solution (although this seems pretty simple)? Is there danger of the copper wire reacting with the very small amount of stainless steel in the plug area of the reservoir?

Many thanks!!


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Just did a very quick test run and not enough mineral content in the water to short the circuit.... Any ideas are welcome! :D


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Even in the little Rockets like the Appartamento, there's room around the reservoir for a reed switch to be mounted and plenty of reservoir carrier metal to mount one too. Once that is in place a floating magnet on a thread could be strung through a hole in the bottom of the reservoir. Once the thread length is perfect, the hole could be permanently sealed with epoxy.


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Wondering if something like this might be feasible and safe? ... UTF8&psc=1


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I think that fishtank float would be perfect.